Current Prize: £ 605.4178
Time left: 10 Days

The Rules

Model Vote is a new online modelling competition with an increasing cash prize. A new competition is held each month.

Entry is always free

All entrants must be over 13 years old on the date they enter.

Entries from all countries are accepted.

We reserve the right to disqualify any user at anytime for violation of any of the following rules.

The winner will receive the prize total at the time of the competition close.

The winner will be notified by email within 14 days after the competition closes. Our decision is final.


The following are not permitted in photos under any circumstances:Nudity, glamour modelling, lingerie, underwear, close ups of cleavage or crotches, provocative poses or any photo that would be deemed lewd or sexually gratifying.Bikinis are permitted provided the photo is not lewd or sexually gratifying.Simply put if you wouldn’t want a child to see the photo DO NOT upload it to this site.


Users may vote once per entry per day in the first round.

Points may be used to help promote your entry or unlock extra features.

The 20 entries with the highest number of votes at the end of the month will be entered into a final round for 48 hours.

Votes are reset to zero and whoever get the most votes at the end of the final round wins the competition.

A user can only vote once per entry in the final round and cannot exchange points for votes.

We verify every vote individually.

Any use of vote buying or vote exchange services found on other websites is deemed voting manipulation.

We reserve the right to adjust voting totals if any vote is found to contravene these rules or appear to be an act of voting manipulation.


We do not tolerate any form of abuse in the comments sections on this site.

Any user found doing so will have their entry removed and will be permanently banned.

If you need any clarification of these rules or to report an inappropriate comment please email